Our Mission

The Stanley M. Herzog Charitable Foundation’s mission is to catalyze and accelerate the development of quality Christ-centered K-12 education so that families and culture flourish.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

We seek to identify areas of growth and gaps in the Christian education space in order to catalyze effective and scalable programs across the nation. Our mission will be lived out by providing programs such as online content, up to date news, training and events, grants and hands-on organizational improvement initiatives.

Our Vision

To see families and culture flourish through quality Christian education.

About Stanley M. Herzog

Stanley M. Herzog, or “Stan” as he liked to be known, was a Christian businessman, philanthropist, father, and grandfather. Stan spent his career building Herzog Contracting Corp, founded in 1969 by his father. Stan believed Christian education was critical to spiritual and cultural flourishing. During his life, Stan supported various Christian schools in the Kansas City area, and upon his passing in 2019 he left his wealth to the Stanley M. Herzog Foundation for Christian education, where his generosity lives on today.

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