Herzog Foundation Launches New Resource for Homeschool Families

The Herzog Foundation launched a new program over the weekend at the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) LeaderLife Conference in Washington, D.C. The conference brought together more than 120 people for a two-day event focused on developing and supporting homeschooling advocates and educators.

Jonathan Edmondson, Herzog Foundation project manager and administrator, said that HEAV is one of the largest homeschool associations in the country, and played a key role in bringing the new program to life.

“HEAV has been an integral partner in the development of HF Homeschool since the idea was first conceived at their LeaderLife conference last year,” said Edmondson. “We were excited to roll out the completed program, of which HEAV staff were the primary authors, at this year’s conference.”

HF Homeschool is a free, online resource designed to equip new or seasoned homeschooling parents seeking to start a co-op or similar group in their community. The program provides training, mentorship and intentional connection with state homeschooling organizations.

“We want to equip the next generation of co-op leaders, taking your dream to reality,” said Herzog Foundation President Darrell Jones. “We want these families to have support to continue homeschooling for the long haul.”

For more information about HF Homeschool and other Herzog Foundation programs, sign up for updates at HerzogFoundation.com or visit HFHomeSchool.com.