Morning Routine

The Morning Routine is a daily devotional focused on lifting up Christian educators, parents, and students in prayer. This podcast is hosted by Reverend Darrell Jones, President of the Herzog Foundation, and presented by the Herzog Foundation. Check back every morning for the newest devotional, and make sure to subscribe to the Morning Routine on Apple PodcastsSpotifyAmazon, or wherever you listen to podcasts. If you would like the morning routine in your email inbox every morning, please subscribe below.

Making The Leap

Making The Leap is a weekly podcast hosted by Christine and Chris Stigall. The Stigalls recently made the leap to Christian education, pulling their daughter out of a public school and sending her to a private Christian school. The Stigalls want to empower other families to choose the school that’s best for them and break free from the status quo. They speak with society experts, educators, legislators, psychologists, and other parents to uncover the hidden truths in education and lay the groundwork for change. 

Learn more at MakingTheLeapPodcast.com.