Our Programs

We are on a mission to advance Christian education with comprehensive programs designed to launch, promote, and strengthen Christian school settings across the nation.

Our Programs

The Lion

Christian Education News

The Lion carries articles covering a wide range of issues facing American families and culture, especially related to the education of children. In covering these topics, articles will also touch on aspects of parents, family life, faith, government, and other relevant cultural topics. We aim to produce timely, critical, must-read news articles and resources for families, educators, and leaders.

Training Events

Best in Class Training Opportunities

We provide training events through our Leadership Development Series and Teacher Development Series to address relevant topics within the Christian education sphere. These events are led by national thought leaders and experts in subjects such as marketing, donor development, and culture building. All training events are specifically designed for Christian educators and leaders with their unique needs in mind. Offered each month in Kansas City, Missouri and other locations throughout the U.S., our training events are plentiful and fully funded by the Herzog Foundation for Christian educators and administrators of all denominations.

The American Dream Speaker Series

Important Conversations For The Next Generation

We host conversations with national thought leaders on our nation’s future which the next generation will inherit. From education to national security, our American Dream Speaker Series focuses on only the most pressing issues facing Americans today. We’ve hosted leaders such as Former Education Secretary Betsey DeVos and Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


Entrepreneurship in Christian Education News

New Christian schools, micro schools, and cooperatives are popping up all over the country. To assist these Christian education entrepreneurs, we created an online resource called SchoolBox. The lessons, resources, and mentorship offered in SchoolBox will not only catalyze the creation of new schools, but also help parents and administrators navigate the start-up process every step of the way. Whether you are starting a K-12 school or a neighborhood cooperative, SchoolBox is relevant to all Christian entrepreneurs and students.

Teacher of the Year Award

Recognition For Excellent Christian Teachers

Christian teachers are profoundly changing the world and we want to give them the recognition they deserve. Each year, the Herzog Foundation recognizes 12 individuals that embody excellence in Christian education. These 12 individuals are the Herzog Foundation’s Christian Teachers of the Year, and they are honored at our annual awards gala at Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. If you know an excellent Christian teacher, please fill out the nomination form for consideration.