Herzog Foundation Podcast Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

The Herzog Foundation hosted an event tonight to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its podcast, “Making the Leap.” Christine and Chris Stigall co-host the podcast and share their experience as parents who have recently enrolled their teenage daughter in a Christian school. 

“The decision to make the leap is rarely easy,” said Chris Stigall. “It took months of debate and a cross-country move before we decided to enroll our daughter in a Christian school. Now that she’s happy and thriving in her new learning environment, we want to help other parents find options that work best for them and their children.” 

“Luckily, parents have more options than they’ve ever had before when it comes to the education of their children,” said Christine Stigall. “But the multitude of options can also be overwhelming. We want our podcast to be a source of refuge and information for parents who simply want the best for their children.”  

Since its launch last spring, “Making the Leap” has published over 50 episodes and interviewed parents, grandparents, teachers, students, authors, legislators, innovators, school founders and more.  

“Learning was never meant to be one size fits all,” said mom Joelle Fortin on her episode about learning pods.  

“The game of school is not the same as the game of life,” said Acton Academy Founder Matt Beaudreau on his episode about starting his own education network.    

“You can either enter a failed system for your child, and set that child up for the failure that system provides, or you can choose a different path,” said actress and author Sam Sorbo on her episode about truth and lies in American education.  

“The real blessing of Christian education was living life’s problems with like-minded people,” said grandmother Cathy Cole on her episode about the role of grandparents in education. 

New episodes are released every Friday at MakingTheLeapPodcast.com. The one-year anniversary episode will be published on Friday, April 28. Follow Making the Leap on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube or sign-up for the newsletter to receive updates. 

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