Herzog Foundation Launches ‘Making The Leap,’ New Podcast for Parents and Education Change Makers

Smithville, MO (May 6, 2022) – The Herzog Foundation today announced the launch of a new podcast hosted by Chris Stigall and his wife Christine.

A brand new podcast hosted by Christine and Chris Stigall. Subscribe to Making The Leap at MakingTheLeapPodcast.com.

The video and audio podcast, “Making The Leap,” will focus on education freedom and how parents can be empowered to take control of their children’s education. Chris and Christine will discuss their experience raising three children, while also interviewing society experts, educators, legislators, psychologists, and other parents.

On the podcast’s inaugural episode, Chris and Christine walk listeners through their decision to make the leap and send their daughter to a private Christian school. They address the pros and cons of both public and private school options. And finally, Chris and Christine share why they would choose Christian education for all three of their children if they could do it all over again.

“We know parents like us are waking up all over the country,” Christine said. “A one-size-fits-all approach to education isn’t good for our kids. Some are stuck in failing schools. Some simply don’t know where to turn even if they want to make a change. Some are afraid to make the leap.”

“That’s where we come in,” Chris said. “We hear you, and we want to share our story. Perhaps our story will encourage you, and together we can learn and grow in a better way forward for our kids’ educations.”

Make sure to subscribe to the show at MakingTheLeapPodcast.com and share the first episodes with family, friends, or colleagues who also want to build a better future for themselves and their children.

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