Herzog Foundation Files Amicus Brief at the Supreme Court in Carson v. Makin Case

Smithville, MO (September 13, 2021) – On Friday, The Stanley M. Herzog Charitable Foundation filed a brief of amici curiae on behalf of the petitioners in a case before the Supreme Court of the United States, Carson v. Makin.

The case was brought by parents and students who were discriminated against and excluded from Maine’s publicly-financed tuition program. In Maine, 143 out of 260 school districts do not offer a public school option, but Maine’s Constitution guarantees students the right to an education. Many of these school districts make payments to families so that their students can attend a private school in their area. The State has refused to allow families who send their children to religious schools to participate in the program.

The Herzog Foundation’s Brief supports the petitioner’s arguments and advocates for the Supreme Court of the United States to rule in favor of the Maine families who are being unconstitutionally discriminated against based on their religious status.

“The decision below should be reversed, and this Court should declare that the use-status distinction is contrary to the text and original public understanding of the Free Exercise Clause and inconsistent with the history and time-honored tradition of American education. It should also affirm parents’ important interests in sending their children to private religious schools that consistently outperform their secular counterparts,” the Brief concludes.

“Religious discrimination is sadly a common occurrence in our country, and the injustice in Maine is just one example. Discriminating against students and schools solely based on religious identity is a clear and flagrant violation of every American’s right to freely exercise their religion,” said Herzog Foundation Chairman Todd Graves. “We are proud to support Christian schools and families in Maine, and look forward to the Court ending this injustice next year. The Herzog Foundation will continue to take a stand for Christian schools all across the country. We hope that our country will reach a point where religious intolerance by our government is not just eliminated, but unconscionable.”

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