Education Freedom Survey

Education freedom has been at the epicenter of national news as contradictory factions continue to grow. Americans are unsure what kind of future awaits their children. Some fear that too many, even their own, will be swept up in a small but raging torrent of political and ideological progressivism. Throughout the country, state legislators and governors have enacted education freedom programs and laws that allow parents to choose the best education for their children.

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Education Freedom Myths

MYTH #1 | Education Freedom Defunds Public Schools

Many opponents of education freedom argue that education freedom programs defund public schools.

TRUTH: Education freedom programs DO NOT defund public schools. 

Through education freedom programs, states are funding students, not systems. After all, taxpayer funds do not belong to the government schools and institutions. They belong to students and families. Allowing families to choose their school does not “defund” public schools. If anything, public schools defund themselves when they fail to meet the needs of families year after year. Education freedom initiatives simply return the money to the intended beneficiaries of the funding.

MYTH #2 | Parents Who Want Education Freedom Are Extremists

Parents who advocate for education freedom desire the best education available for their children. However, the federal government as well as other institutions have labeled these parents as extremists, hate groups, and terrorists.

TRUTH: Parents are NOT extremists. 

Parents want the best education for their children and have had enough of the education establishment and teachers unions. They want their children to succeed academically and not be indoctrinated with woke ideals and agendas that the public education system is pushing.

MYTH #3 | Education Freedom Is Harmful To Students

Many opponents argue that education freedom is harmful to the children left behind in public schools.

TRUTH: Allowing families to the freedom to choose the school of their choice DOES NOT “destroy” public schools.

Education freedom doesn’t destroy public schools. It makes them better. Public schools up their game in response to competition. Statistically, education freedom has significant positive effects on student outcomes when competing with public schools.

MYTH #4 | Education Freedom Is Racist

Public schools are already segregated with the most advantaged families accessing “better” education options. Funding students directly allows more families to access education opportunities.

TRUTH: Education freedom integrates.

Equating voluntary schooling decisions with forced segregation is disingenuous and minimizes actual harm done by heavy-handed government involvement in the past. Today’s evidence shows education freedom initiatives lead to racial integration.

MYTH #5 | Education Freedom Is For The Wealthy

Education freedom opponents argue that trapping low-income kids in failing government schools for 13 years without exit options is what leads to inequities.

TRUTH: Education freedom is an equalizer.

Funding students directly empowers more families to access educational opportunities. Less advantaged families are more likely to use existing education freedom initiatives. Some families have lied about their addresses to get their kids into better “public” schools. The current system is inequitable. ZIP code should not determine a student’s future. Students should be funded directly and empower all families to choose.