Herzog Foundation Hosts Culture Building and People Management Bootcamp Amid Booming Christian School Growth

The Herzog Foundation hosted a new training opportunity for Christian school leaders on September 18 – 20 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Culture Building and People Management Bootcamp was developed specifically for Christian school administrators, board members, and heads of school as their enrollment levels continue to grow. Nearly 80 percent of Christian schools nationwide have experienced increased enrollment over the last two years.  

“The Culture Building and People Management Bootcamp encourages school leaders to foster a culture that will help them attract and retain even more families and employees,” said Herzog Foundation President Darrell Jones. “Christian education is at a critical junction in America today. Parents are reclaiming their children’s education and are looking for quality alternatives to the public system.”  

In attendance at the Herzog Foundation’s Culture Building and People Management Bootcamp were 24 Christian schools from 11 states. On average, these 24 schools have experienced 11 percent enrollment growth over the last year alone. Throughout the three-day training event, each school worked with coaches from Best Christian Workplaces (BCW) Institute to identify key next steps, changes, and improvements they can make to their culture-building and people management practices.   

“Schools are complex organizations that require teams of people moving together to advance the mission,” said Herzog Foundation Training Director Sadie Elliott. “At every stage in the school year, there are tasks to be completed, people to hire, students to manage, parents to meet, and boards to inform. It’s time to step out of the day-to-day, reflect on the current energy and culture of your organization, and invest in the team that will drive your school forward.”

View the full schedule of the Culture Building and People Management Bootcamp below:  

Herzog Foundation bootcamps are made accessible to Christian schools nationwide across all denominations. Each attendee receives a $2,000 scholarship from the Herzog Foundation, which covers all costs incurred during the event including hotels, meals, and transportation. For more information on Herzog Foundation training events, sign up for updates at HerzogFoundation.com or visit the training portal

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