Herzog Foundation Hosts Book Signing Event with Corey DeAngelis 

The Herzog Foundation hosted a book signing event tonight with Corey DeAngelis, one of the nation’s leading authorities on school choice. In attendance were approximately 100 attendees including elected officials, school choice advocates, parents and many others with one goal in mind: furthering opportunities for parents to send their child to a school of their choice.  

The event featured an on-stage discussion between DeAngelis and radio personality Chris Stigall. The duo discussed DeAngelis’ new book that he co-authored with Connor Boyack, the founder and president of Libertas Institute. Their book, Mediocrity: 40 Ways Government Schools are Failing Today’s Students, shares forty examples of how poorly today’s government schools are doing to show that the “rising tide of mediocrity” has created a tsunami of low expectations and poor performance, suggesting the need for alternative solutions.  

“Despite a general recognition that America’s schools are in a sad state,” the authors write, “too many parents and grandparents are unaware of just how pervasive the problems are. They may be concerned about the rising tide of mediocrity but unaware just how badly the educational foundations have eroded in recent years.”

In his on-stage interview at the Herzog Foundation, DeAngelis wondered aloud why people would support housing vouchers and other government aid that respects people’s individual choices, but not for education. Moreover, he said, Gallup recently found that only 26% of Americans have confidence in the public school system, an all-time low, with only 9% of Republicans claiming confidence in it.

Interviewer Chris Stigall further wondered why anyone would protest DeAngelis’ message of education freedom. The reason, DeAngelis responded, is that school choice is winning — in nine states in particular that went all-in on choice in the past two years.

The Herzog Foundation’s home state of Missouri also passed a school choice program in recent years. Since the program began in 2022, the Herzog Tomorrow Foundation has awarded over 600 scholarships totaling about $3.5 million in funds that families can use to send their children to a school of their choice.  

Learn more about the Herzog Tomorrow Foundation and Missouri’s school choice program here.  

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