Herzog Foundation Congratulates Vice Chairman John Elliott on 16 Years of Service to Northland Christian Schools

Smithville, MO (May 17, 2022) – The Herzog Foundation released a statement today in acknowledgement of John Elliott’s retirement as chairman of the school board for the Northland Christian Education System after 16 years of service. John Elliott serves as Vice-Chairman on the Board of Directors for the Stanley M. Herzog Charitable Foundation and is a founding member of Northland Christian Education System.

John with his wife Julie, along with his children and grandchildren.

“John has been deeply committed to providing Kansas City families with quality Christian schooling, and it’s incredible to see what he’s accomplished over the years at Northland,” said Herzog Foundation Chairman Todd Graves. “At the Herzog Foundation, we are grateful to have John’s wealth of experience as we enhance and further the Christian education movement nationwide.”

John Elliott is a proud husband to his wife Julie, father to his children Sam and Sadie, and grandfather to Virginia and Magnolia. John also serves as the Vice President of a family-owned marketing and research company, Inside Information, and formerly served as a Platte County, Missouri Commissioner.

“John has a heart for Christian education,” said Herzog Foundation President Darrell Jones. “He has dedicated much of his adult life to ensuring that the next generation is prepared for life in this world, and the next. I join the rest of our community in thanking John for his service and dedication to growing the Christian education landscape in the Kansas City region.”

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