Ban Gender Transitions For Minors

Americans are unsure what kind of future awaits their children. Some fear that too many, even their own, will be swept up in a small but raging torrent of political and ideological progressivism. Political and ideological progressivism grows rampant within the medical community and the multi-billion dollar industry brazenly targets minors for profit with no regard for the consequences to children.

It is vital that we take a stand for our children who are in the crosshairs of those who seek to take advantage of them for progressivistic gains.

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Hospitals, such as Childrenā€™s Mercy Kansas City Hospital, have been offering transitioning treatments to ā€œgender questioningā€ children and adolescents to children as young as two. READ MORE

Many hospitals throughout the country proudly advertise ā€œgender affirmingā€ care to children and adolescents, including diagnostic evaluations and treatment recommendations for gender dysphoria; puberty-blocking and gender-affirming hormones; psychiatric medications; assistance with menstrual suppression; gender-affirming support from a board-certified chaplain; and gender-affirming voice coaching referrals, and more.