Mike Farag

Ferver CEO and Business Development Leader

After years climbing the corporate ladder, Mike discovered where his heart really was while on a mission trip to Haiti. He found a passion for serving brands at the intersection of faith and business. About living out our calling through our work. And about developing healthy organizational cultures so they can succeed from the inside out. And so, Fervor was born.  Through this award-winning agency, Mike has been serving nonprofits and businesses of all sizes for 13 years so they can make a greater impact in the world. Currently, Mike and his team serve faith-led organizations in Kansas City and across the country with strategy, brand development, ongoing communication, consulting and marketing across all channels, and for a variety of industries. Under Mike’s leadership, Fervor is revolutionizing the craft of helping organizations articulate their purpose, align their work, and amplify their reach – so they can do the most good possible.  In addition to being Fervor’s CEO and chief vision-caster, Mike leads Fervor’s business development efforts. He lives in Kansas City with his wife, Kim, and their four children.