Staff Writer

Full Time

The Lion


The Herzog Foundation is seeking a staff writer who can help produce news pieces for The Lion, an online publication that covers a wide range of issues facing American families and culture, especially related to education. A passion for writing engaging content, excellent writing and proofreading skills, ability to discover story ideas, and ability to meet deadlines are important qualities. Supporting the mission of the Herzog Foundation is essential. This position will report directly to the managing editor of The Lion but may occasionally work with other staff on Foundation-related content. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Find and write news stories in a timely manner.
  • Develop a process for finding and reporting relevant news stories.
  • Work with the editorial calendar.
  • Proofread publication content.
  • Fulfill other writing duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Support the mission of the Herzog Foundation
  • Strong computer and related technical skills, including Microsoft Word, Google docs and sheets
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Work well in a team environment

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Deadline-driven writing experience
  • Understanding of the Christian and education content and marketing spaces
  • Experience with WordPress
  • An understanding of best practices in SEO and social media marketing and how they apply to online news stories