The Stanley M. Herzog Foundation exists to catalyze and accelerate quality K-12 Christian education. We work to accomplish this mission through many initiatives including Christian school training, promotion of Christian education, school startup programs, and grantmaking. Each initiative is uniquely designed to leverage every dollar of the foundation’s for maximum impact.

There are thousands of Christian schools across the nation, and we are grateful for what each and every one does to advance Christian education in their community. With that in mind, we ask every school who has expressed an intent to request grant funding to complete this statement of intent.

While this is not part of a grant application, it does put you on the foundation’s radar and helps us identify the most scalable and sustainable opportunities to catalyze Christian education within like-minded Christian organizations.

By completing this form, you acknowledge that this is not a grant proposal. Should there be an opportunity to request grant funding from the foundation, our programs office will be in contact.

Tell us about your school by filling out this questionnaire!