Marketing Bootcamp Resources

Thank you for attending the Marketing Bootcamp!

We hope that you are learing practical skills and techniques that will help you grow your school!

Please utilize these bootcamp resources as you see fit!


Marketing Workbook

SECTION 1: Clarifying Your Vision

Marketing Slide Deck

Cowboy Inkblot

SECTION 2: Thinking Through the Story

Marketing Slide Deck

Brand Narrative Slides

SECTION 3: Enrollment Closing Process

Marketing Slide Deck

Scripts for Setting Appointments

Prospect Leads Sample Spreadsheet

What to Listen For

SECTION 4: Understanding Parent Satisfaction

Marketing Slide Deck

Parent Satisfaction and Referral Survey (Graceworks Ministries)

SECTION 5: Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Marketing Slide Deck

Promoter’s Reception Sample Agenda

What to Listen For

12 Ways to Promote

SECTION 6: Online Marketing

Marketing Slide Deck

Web Trends Presentation

Web Trends Self-Evaluation

SECTION 7: Tuition and Financial Aid

Marketing Slide Deck

Sample Aid Award Letter

Information Request Form

SECTION 8: Marketing Plan Calendar

Marketing Calendar