Making The Leap Podcast: Truth and Lies in American Education


This week on a new episode of Making the Leap Podcast, co-hosts Chris and Christine Stigall discuss how parents can plan for the increased costs of funding private education with creative and proven strategies. Many parents who are considering removing their children from public schools are immediately faced with the cost of private education, whether it’s Christian or secular, private education. Some parents will never even investigate their options because the costs are daunting while others begin the process but change their minds over a lack of funds. However, many families and churches have found ways to meet the financial challenges. 

This week’s guest, Sam Sorbo, holds many titles including filmmaker, radio host, actress, international model, author, wife, mother and education activist. She has homeschooled her children for the their entire education. Sam is married to actor Kevin Sorbo. She discusses the new documentary she appears in, “Truth and Lies in American Education” as well as the current state of public education.

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About the Podcast

Making The Leap is a weekly podcast hosted by Christine and Chris Stigall. The Stigalls recently made the leap to Christian education, pulling their daughter out of a public school and sending her to a private Christian school. The Stigalls want to empower other families to choose the school that’s best for them and break free from the status quo. They speak with society experts, educators, legislators, psychologists, and other parents to uncover the hidden truths in education and lay the groundwork for change. 

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