Making The Leap Podcast: Teachers and Parents Push Back


This week on a new episode of Making the Leap Podcast, co-hosts Chris and Christine Stigall discuss how public schools are adopting gender ideology policies which override parental control, confuse adolescent children, and even lie to parents about what is happening with their children. They talk about the roles and limitations of teachers.

Chris interviews Kimberly Hermann, General Counsel with the Southeastern Legal Foundation, who is suing the Springfield, MO school district on behalf of two teachers over their “anti-racist” teacher training programs. 

Christine and Chris also interview Ginny Gentles, Director of the Education Freedom Center at the Independent Women’s Forum, about the teacher training programs and administrative policies that attempt to promote and affirm gender confusion, no matter the view of parents. 

You can follow Kimberly Hermann on Twitter or LinkedIn. Find out more about the Southeastern Legal Foundation on their website and follow them on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

You can find Ginny Gentles on Twitter. To read her article on school choice, go here. For more information on the Independent Women’s Forum visit their website or check out their TwitterFacebookInstagram or YouTube sites. 

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About the Podcast

Making The Leap is a weekly podcast hosted by Christine and Chris Stigall. The Stigalls recently made the leap to Christian education, pulling their daughter out of a public school and sending her to a private Christian school. The Stigalls want to empower other families to choose the school that’s best for them and break free from the status quo. They speak with society experts, educators, legislators, psychologists, and other parents to uncover the hidden truths in education and lay the groundwork for change. 

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