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Board Leadership Bootcamp

July 17 - July 20
Kansas City, MO
Conference Location:
Training Facility TBA

Healthy schools stem from healthy leadership - and that starts with the school board. Whether you’re an independent school, church school, startup school, or established school, the Herzog Foundation Board Leadership Bootcamp is designed to improve the working relationship between the Board and school administration.

After surveying hundreds of Christian schools, Board Leadership Training surfaced as one of the most important training opportunities in Christian education. What are proper lanes of engagement? Where are there gaps in communication? How can we build a healthy leadership culture in our Christian school? These questions and more will be answered by coaching, mentorship, networking, and connecting at the Board Leadership Bootcamp.

Outcomes of the Bootcamp:

  • Network with your peers from across the country
  • Learn from best in class experts and practitioners on how to assess and improve your understanding of Board Leadership 
  • Identify best practices for your school context with insight from individualized coaches
  • Invest in the relationship with your Head of School and Board

Attendance Details:

This bootcamp is a chance to catalyze healthy growth in the management of your school. Every school is required to register their Head of School and Board Chairman together. Schools also have the option to bring 1 additional board member. If you bring a 3rd person, we highly recommend they be the Vice-Chair of the board. Each school only needs to complete 1 registration form below.

Please only register if you can commit to this event in its entirety. You may not register in order to save a seat for someone else from your school. There will be more events in the coming months so keep an eye out on our Conferences and Events.

This is a completely free, best-in-class event for Christian schools. Each seat costs $2,000 and is completely covered by the Herzog Foundation as an investment in your school. The Herzog Foundation will cover all costs during the event including accommodation, meals, transportation, etc. Schools are expected to cover all travel costs to and from the event.

This event is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Attendees are expected to be present for all sessions in their entirety including activities, bootcamp sessions, and meals. If you cannot make this commitment, please register for a later event. Spots are limited as events are kept small to maximize networking and 1:1 coaching.

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The foundation is providing accommodations for every attendee and recommends staying at the hotel with the entire cohort. This will maximize time to connect with your peers and work on your plan while minimizing travel time on the long training days (7:30am - 9:30pm). Rooms are non-smoking and single occupancy. Will your attendees be staying at the provided hotel?*
There is limited space for the events. Application does not guarantee selection for the event, but all applicants will be notified of future trainings. You will receive a confirmation email for your registration.