About Stanley M. Herzog

Founder Stanley M. Herzog

Stanley M. Herzog, or “Stan” as he liked to be known, was a Christian businessman, philanthropist, father, and grandfather. In 1969 when Stan’s father founded Herzog Contracting Corp in St. Joseph, Missouri, Stan began working as a foreman on small-scale asphalt paving projects. Over the next 50 years as Stan advanced in the company, it grew to one of the largest private contractors in the country providing construction, operations, and maintenance services for railroads and transit clients.

Stan was a generous man, donating millions of dollars to personal and political efforts over the span of his lifetime. Stan believed in an America where faith, family values, and hard work lead to spiritual and societal prosperity. A precious and critical piece to realizing this belief is the education of America’s children. Stan’s children graduated from St. Joseph Christian School, a ministry close to Stan’s heart. Upon his passing in 2019, Stan left his wealth to the Stanley M. Herzog Foundation for Christian education, where his generosity lives on today.

The Herzog Foundation

Herzog Foundation exists to catalyze and accelerate the development of quality Christ-centered K-12 education. Our vision is for families and culture to flourish through quality Christian education. The legacy of Stan’s career centers around making national transit ecosystems accessible and sustainable. Likewise, the legacy of Stan’s philanthropy will center around making the ecosystems of Christian education more accessible and sustainable for families across the nation.